Our Team

Steve Seiden


Steven Seiden, is the founder and President of Acquired Data Solutions, Inc., a threat management, test and evaluation, and engineering services firm based in Rockville, Maryland. ADS has served several federal agencies including the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), and federal contractors including Northrop Grumman, TASC, and SAIC.

ADS has an extensive background in automated test equipment (ATE), industrial data acquisition, hardware development, including embedded systems and integration. Over the past ten years, ADS has expanded its services to include RF spectral capture and emulation, acoustic and vibration monitoring, RF EMSEC/EMI testing, and measurement, data acquisition, and control systems in the fields of electronic warfare, medical devices, energy, and transportation.

Mr. Seiden has also been certified Developer and Instructor for National Instruments, where ADS is a Silver Alliance member.

Larry Zambotti

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Zambotti has been providing strategic, programmatic, and systems engineering guidance to ADS for over ten years. In addition to corporate strategic and tactical services Mr. Zambotti is the business area manager for Spectrum Fidelity and other spectrum applications as well as for the heritage business of data acquisition, design services and critical instrumentation systems. As Program Manager he also provides Technical Direction and Systems Engineering for solicitation and proposal development, acquisition studies and competitions for a range of technical, operational, and service orientated projects.

Colin Bowers


Mr. Colin Bowers, is the President and a founder of Ramparts Security and Threat Surface Solutions Group. Over the past twenty-nine years, he has worked, both protecting our nation’s critical data and infrastructure, and attacking foreign systems as an employee of the United States government. In 2013, Ramparts Security was founded to bring this level of cyber expertise to the commercial sector.

In the Intelligence community, Colin Bowers has served both the NSA as a Tailored Access Operations and Telecommunications Operations Coordinator. His role at the NSA has also included work for NSA/INFOSEC as a lead researcher for INFOSEC Risk Analysis and Metrics. While at the NSA/COMSEC Modules division, Colin also designed and developed security algorithms and counter-measures embedded into COMSEC modules.

Since 2013, Ramparts has co-authored NIST cyber security publications (SP-1800-1a, SP-1800-1b, SP-1800-1c, SP-1800-1d, SP-1800-1e) on Securing Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices. In addition to co-authoring the document, Colin created the attack models and preformed the risk assessment for NIST’s Mobile Health Records use case. Ramparts’ expertise goes beyond assessing the risk of products/systems for NIST. Ramparts’ has been providing Network Risk Assessment and Penetration Test services for small and medium sized companies.

Camille Ramsay


Ms. Ramsay has twenty years of experience in Business Administration and Operations. She manages the administrative, financial and human resources functions at Acquired Data Solutions, Inc. She also assists in other functional areas including marketing and sales and general operations.

Ms. Ramsay has a M.S. degree in Technology Management from the University of Maryland University College, Maryland and B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

Joan Goldberg

Business Development Officer

Joan Goldberg, has served for over ten years as Business Development Officer at ADS. She is also Marketing Manager, and co-owner of Terriss Consolidated Industries, a strategic partner of ADS, based in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Over the past ten years, Ms. Goldberg’s responsibilities have included sales, marketing, customer service, business development, and administrative support on ADS’ contract with the TSA, through its prime, Engility Corp.

Prior to joining ADS, Joan Goldberg served for fifteen years as Sales Manager for a large coatings manufacturer. She was also an Administrative Assistant to two U.S. Congressman based in Washington D.C.