Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

With 130 dB of dynamic range above noise, the Seismic Sensor System provides unparalleled measurement to not only measure the vibration but a focused precision measurement in frequency, sensitivity, and phase. Today’s existing electrically coupled technology will measure activity in a tunnel at 100 feet away. With the Seismic Sensor, you will pick up the same activity at 300 feet away, but also know exactly what activity is being performed. 


– 130 dB signal above noise in processed signal
– On-board processing
– Low power performance
– Remote monitoring
– Immunity to RFI and electromagnetic noise interference


– Simplicity: the fiber optic sensors are completely passive
– Reliability: there are no installed electronics at sensor head
– Cost Effective: a small fraction of the cost of a legacy electronic sensor system
– Undetectable: no sparks, no measurable heat

ADS provides better measurement in accuracy and resolution. This is based on field trails performed by the US government and our own trials and deployments in the most rugged of terrains and conditions on land and at sea. SmartSenseCom is based on 30 years of proven patent protected NRL technology along with SSC patent pending vibration and acoustic measurement devices. Together we provide a low power consumption high fidelity signal that is based on optical sensing.