A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

Product Testers

Product Tester

With the ever increasing complexity of electronic product designs, it has become a necessity to automate the testing of these designs to increase product throughput, reduce time to market and reduce test costs through the whole product lifecycle whether in R&D, Validation or Production.

ADS have been solving customers automated testing problems for over twenty years with many customers coming back time and time again. As their products develop and become more complex, they require a partner who they know will deliver ATE’s to their exacting specifications, on time and on budget. We know how to develop cost effective, time saving production ready ATE’s that deliver the results our clients require.

We can support your products’ test requirements from initial design, validation to final production testing, and helping you deliver products to the market faster, at a lower cost whilst ensuring excellent product quality. Whether you need to test an RF amplifier, heart pacemaker, or generic printed circuit board, we can offer you an automated test solution to replace often tedious manual procedures and defined to suit your budget and maximize return on investment. ADS has extensive experience developing world class automated test solutions for the semiconductor, medical device, military aerospace, government and defense industries.


We offer a wide range of services for automated test solutions including:
– Test System Specification Development
– Technical Consulting
– Test Software Development
– Turnkey Automated Test Systems
– Installation & Commissioning Services
– System Training

ADS offers a unique value proposition by leveraging our expertise in a wide range of technologies like computer vision, motion control, PC-based instrument control etc… to give you the most effective test solution available.


– Maximizing product throughput by minimizing test time through efficient software and state-of- the-art hardware and reducing
set-up time by designing and building custom test and self-test fixtures.
– Complying with often complex industry and government regulations like the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for medical devices.
– Addressing unique requirements of production testing like separate operator and engineer logins and test screens.


Our design verification and validation test solutions can help you identify problems early in your product development lifecycle. We understand that you need flexibility at this stage of testing. Our test solutions will allow your Design Engineer to create and modify test sequences and fine tune test parameters.