A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

Spectrum/Vibration and Optical

Spectrum/Vibration and Optical

ADS offers a complete system of vibration and acoustic analysis and monitoring solutions from sensors to analysis software. Our sensors are based upon a tested and patent technology licensed from the US NRL. These intensity modulated optical sensors usable in multiple scenarios. Are systems included the electro-optical interface with data available to a host of acquisition platforms. 

Naval Research Labs invested several decades in the evolution of the technology that ADS uses. The result: ADS offers microphones, acoustic sensors and accelerometers of unparalleled performance for field and harsh environments.


ADS’s high performance optical microphones achieve breakthrough performance compared to the best instrument microphones on the market today. Their passive optical design and simple mechanical structure eliminate electronic and thermal noise and is inherently more robust in the field. They provide exceptional uncorrected accuracy across a wider frequency range, with the capability to measure from fractional Hertz to 200 kHz. ADS acoustic sensor systems have a low power budget (a little more than 2W per channel), provide size and weight savings compared to condenser microphone based systems, do not require recalibration, and their performance is not impacted by environmental factors, delivering nearly identical performance in the lab or in the field.

ADS intensity modulated optical vibration sensing provides exceptional sensitivity and low frequency measurement compared to alternative products. As with all ADS sensors, their passive optical design delivers nearly identical performance in indoor, outdoor or harsh environments. It can be placed up to a kilometer or more away from the electronics where remote sensing is required, and reduce the size, weight and power of the measurement system. ADS’s optical accelerometers are ideally suited for tunneling detection, perimeter security, structural dynamics, equipment monitoring, product test and evaluation, and more.


– FLEXIBILITY FOR ANY ENVIRONMENT: No inherent sensitivity to temperature or humidity in the sensor, 100% EMI immunity in the
sensor and cabling, and inherently robust sensor design delivers nearly identical performance in indoor, outdoor or harsh
environment (e.g., high temperature, high RF).

– REMOTE SENSING: Each sensor is connected via fiber optic cable, allowing placement up to 3 km or more away from electronics.

– GROUND BREAKING SENSITIVITY: High sensitivity, very low and flat system noise floor and high signal to noise ratio allow
measurement of very faint signals.

– IMPROVED MEASUREMENT ACCURACY: Significantly lower measurement error across the entire frequency range improves fidelity
of test and evaluation results.

– LOW AND HIGH FREQUENCY MEASUREMENT: From fractional Hz to 200 kHz, delivering accurate measurement at lower and higher
frequencies than is possible with other systems.

– LOW POWER: ~2W per channel for the sensor and electronics reduces energy requirements.

– SMALL FOOTPRINT: Requires fewer sensors (due to higher accuracy), and eliminates many components required in other systems
(e.g., amplifier).

– SCALABLE: Incorporate any combination and number of sensors using scalable, 8-channel electronics.

– COMPATIBLE: Digital output is compatible with existing analysis platforms (e.g., LabVIEW).

– SECURE: Meet U.S. Department of Defense Cybersecurity specifications to include FIPS 140-2 compliance and Common Criteria
EAL2 certification.


ADS’s high performance optical sensors meet a wide range of customer needs. Their exceptional measurement capability and advantages in the field offer distinctive solutions for:
– Drone Detection
– Tunnel and Tunneling Detection
– Perimeter Security
– Structural Dynamics
– Equipment Monitoring
– Engine Test & Maintenance