A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

Drone Detect

Drone Detect System

The Drone Detect System is the first full acoustic and visual detection system providing location, classification, and alarms. 150m+ minimum active detection/classification range with alarm lock and 360 degree video stream. System design provides detection range of 1+km with algorithm improvements currently under development. 


– Flexible Modular System
– Portable or fixed installation design
– Easy to scale, reconfigure, and set-up for site specific services
– Web/Net Accessible
– All-weather design
– Lower power consumption
– >150m detection/classification range
– Most accurate available classification
– 360° video verification
– Includes software: Upgrades and updates available with maintenance plan
– Customizable power and communications for site specific requirements
– Set-up in less than 10 minutes – one operator


– High performance, robust outdoor components
– 4 high sensitivity dipole microphones detect intrusions
– 360° video camera locates intrusion and transmits live image
– Easily integrates with existing camera system

Acquired Data Solutions provides better measurements in accuracy and resolution. This data acquisition and analysis is based on field trials performed by the U.S. government and our own trials and deployments in the most rugged of terrains and conditions on land and at sea. SmartSenseCom is based on 30 years of proven patent protected NRL technology along with SSC patent pending vibration and acoustic measurement devices. Together we provide a full acoustic and visual Drone Detection System.