A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

Airport Security Equipment Operational T&E

Airport Security Equipment Operational T&E

ADS has supported Federal Government Agencies for over a decade in the field of operational safety. Agencies such as the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) procure equipment and roll-out processes to improve transportation safety across the country.

A key part of the Test and Evaluation process; Operational Test and Evaluation, measures performance levels of the systems and processes used to protect our nation’s airports and determines if they are ready for procurement and deployment.

ADS is a proud partner of this vital program run by the Department of Homeland Security. We provide key support on critical tests that evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of airport security equipment and processes that are used to deter and detect threats.


ADS Supports Operational Assessment and Operational Test and Evaluation in 3 Critical Phases of Testing:

1. Test Planning
2. Test Evaluation
3. Test Analysis and Reporting


ADS Provides Support for Multiple Ongoing Programs Including:

– Checked Baggage Technology
– Checkpoint Technology
– Risk Based Screening

ADS works directly with the TSA to coordinate each aspect of the supported testing phase, manage the tactical implementation of both small and large testing events, Surge, and evaluate, analyze, and report test results.

For Additional Information:

Department of Homeland Security/TSA