A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

SPECTRUM FIDELITY™️ Next Generation RF Emulation and Capture System

The Spectrum Fidelity ZX™️, is the next generation of Emulation and Capture (EAC) Systems from Acquired Data Solutions (ADS).  Spectrum Fidelity ZX™️ represents a significant leap in technology and software capacity. The system is a highly flexible and configurable system that represents the confluence of NI hardware, RADX Technologies software and ADS offerings and integration. ADS closely follows new product liens and life-cycle planning for RF Playback (emulation) and Record (capture) products to introduce new features and capabilities desired in the RF environment.

Key Features

  • Incorporation of the RADX® Technologies (RADX) Liberty GT® COTS, software-defined, synthetic, modular, integrated RF measurement science framework and software (MSFS) Suite as the software engine. This software platform has app-driven modules and touch-screen implementation for improved ease of use and application flexibility.
  • Integration of the National Instruments (NI) VST 2.0 (Pxle-5840) RF transceiver provides advanced, Real-Time RF playback and record capabilities to 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth performance level. The system operates as a stand-alone playback (emulation), stand-alone record (capture) or dual-mode configuration. The Spectrum Fidelity ZX™️ System may also be configured with any of the NI VSA and VSG products.
  • Additional of Real-Time full bandwidth signal processing capability applicable to one or more channels simultaneously. This powerful new feature is fully customizable.

Operational Environments that will benefit from a Spectrum Fidelity ZX™️


The versatility & power to address the complexities involved with radar development and test.

Electronic Warfare

The configuration versatility & real-time processing enables our system to address a broad range of EW application.

Security System

The ability to record in harsh environments and test systems via RF playback are paramount to security.

Interference Analysis

The ability to record with a trigger in a single or multi-channel allows clients to understand the nuances of the environment their RF device is encountering.

How it Works

Complete end to end testing of complex signal processing systems as well as field testing of simple receivers are significantly benefitted by the ability to capture and playback or emulate real world environments. RF receiver testing requires complex hardware and software with the ability to generate signals at the limits of the receiver’s capabilities. At ADS we have developed a family of record and playback units for the range of the spectrum from below 20Hz to above 28GHz. Our product offerings, under the umbrella of Spectrum Fidelity ZX™️ range from single channel record or playback units to eight (8) multi-channel phase synchronized units extendable to 3, 64 channels and beyond to emulate complex environments for large signal processing systems. We combine National Instruments Hardware with a comprehensive Software Suite and RF Playback/Record Tool kit to create a COTS out of the box experience.


The Spectrum Fidelity ZX™️ is integrated by Acquired Data Solutions. We combine NI Hardware with a comprehensive Software Suite and RF Playback/Record Tool kit to create a COTS out of the box experience.

  • Multi-Channel Phase Coherent Playback and Record: RF playback (emulation) and record(capture) with single and multi-channel coherency. Multiple configurations are available, current up to 8 channels expanding to 12+.
  • Very High RF Instantaneous Bandwidth: 200 – 500 MHz instantaneous bandwidth currently available with future upgrades to 1 GHz bandwidth.
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis: Full bandwidth real-time analysis and triggered-event capture, trigger one or more channels on analysis events, flexible app-driven software supports, and FPGA real-time processing and channel emulation.


  • NI VI 2.0 PXle-5840: Vector Signal Transceiver (9 kHz – 6 GHz, 1 GHz BW)
  • NI PXle-6675T: Time Module
  • NI PXI FlexRio Compressor Module: Adds FPGA-based signal processing capability to PXI systems and can stream high bandwidth
  • Single Slot RAID


  • LibertyGT® COTS: Integrated RF measurement science framework and software suite
  • COTS APP: RF single and multi-channel processing. Spectrum Analyzer with Meters, Advanced Wideband Record & Review, Advanced Wideband Playback, Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, Real-Time Vector Signal Analyzer, Real-Time Vector Signal Generator, Multi-Channel Sync, SATCOM Channel Emulator, SDR.
  • COTS LGT Executive: Home Screen, Concurrency Manager, Hardware Abstraction Layer, API with LabVIEW support, 1080 HP touch-screen GUI with dual display support, LabVIEW and TestStand run-times, remote interface, examples.
  • App-driven Modules and Touch-Screen: Implementation for improved ease of use and application flexibility.

“By working together with ADS and National Instruments, we believe we can solve the toughest RF spectrum record, playback, real-time analysis and real-time emulation problems that face our mutual customers in the aerospace, defense, aviation and communications industries.”

- RADX Technologies

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