A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19


"Our Team of Cyber Experts have over a decade of experience developing, researching and innovating solutions that uncover vulnerabilities, assess risks and ensure Cyber Resiliency."

With over 90 years of domain and industry experience between them, our team of experts have been helping commercial and government customers such as AT&T, Northrop Grumman, US Department of Defense, and US Department of Homeland Security to reduce the risk of product recall events and the effects of possible cyber attack.  Today, as products become more complex with a greater convergence of technologies there is even more pressure for companies to reduce the cost of testing their products and invest more in designing and protecting them from cyber attacks.

System Engineering Life Cycle

ADS has over 20 years experience in engineering and technology solutions providing test & evaluation, automation, system integration and cybersecurity services for the system engineering life cycle.

Risk Management Framework

ADS’ team of SME’s that have a decade of cybersecurity experience and have the expertise in with a NIST Risk Assessment Solution to assess the risks within operational technology.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

ADS offers tools and services to uncover vulnerabilities, assess risks, and achieve CMMC compliance in your devices and systems. We have a team of experienced cybersecurity engineers along with a CMMC-AB Provisional Assessor Level 3.

Cyber Team Experts

Djenana Campara

President, KDM Analytics
30 years of progressive experience and leadership in Software and Security Engineering.

Leighton Johnson

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer CISSP, CISM, CMMC-AB Provisional Assessor L-3 Leighton has over 40 years experience in computer security, IT and Cybersecurity.
What We Do

ADS Can Help you Achieve RMF & CMMC Compliance

Acquired Data Solutions brings over 20 years’ experience in test engineering and is uniquely positioned to enable test equipment manufacturers to achieve RMF and CMMC compliance.

ADS engineers design and implement a custom automated risk and measurement system that analyzes cybersecurity vulnerabilities by reduction overall lifecycle development costs and improves confidence in making better informed decisions in cybersecurity threat management and mitigation.

How it Works

Cyber Resiliency Suite

ADS offers tools and services to uncover vulnerabilities, assess risks, and achieve cyber compliance in your devices and systems.

  • Categorize the FIPS 199.
  • Assessments based on ICD 503 Guidance
  • Prioritize the down select of security controls & enhancements.
  • Implement the Plan of Actions and Milestones.
  • Develop Policy Documentations.
  • Establish an Audit Management Approach.
  • Seek an authority to operate based on compliance.
  • Perform continuous monitoring.

Success Stories

"The USAF benefits from the automated risk management tools by cost-effectively assessing cyber threat, vulnerability, and risk for our Aircraft Systems."

- Harrell Van Norman, Cybersecurity Tech Expert/SCA for Aircraft Systems, USAF

Case Study

Risk Management Framework Solution

In the News

Press Release

Prepare Your Company for CMMC Certification

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a cybersecurity standard that industry partners will need to follow before they can win a DoD contract. CMMC certification compliance will be a “go/no go decision" for DoD contracts. ADS can help prepare your company for CMMC compliance. Let's get started. Please fill out the form so we can better understand your company and get you on your way to becoming CMMC Certified.