A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

Contact Tracing Solution Automated Turn-key Solution to keep your employees safe at work.

COVID-19 restrictions have become the new norm… campuses, offices and facilities are doing their best to ensure individuals health and safety. Many have chosen traditional cleaning and contact tracing methods. Unfortunately, they are not fully sufficient to ensure health safety.

The ADS/Kiana Contact Tracing Solution will markedly improve the health safety of your campus, offices and facilities by automatically and immediately identifying and contacting people that may have come into close contact with those that may be or infected with COVID-19. Our solution can also pinpoint what spaces an infected person dwelled in for timely and targeted cleaning.

ADS provides a ready-to-deploy Contact Tracing Platform, powered by Kiana Analytics; that is built at its core to protect a person’s sensitive information. There is no app that needs to be downloaded and no additional software to be added to the existing WiFi infrastructure.

We are dedicated to mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and helping Americans get back to work safely. Check out our featured articles in the latest issues of HR C-Suites and Facility Manager Magazine.

“The health and safety of our community is our top priority. The Kiana platform uses data from our existing campus wireless device registration to privately allow authorized employees to respond to a positive case of COVID-19 by identifying possible exposures, rather than simply react based on class schedules.”

- Jill Albin-Hill, VP for Operations & Technology and CIO at Dominican University.

The Solution Offers

Identifies Exposed People to Prevent New Exposures

No App. No Software. Only Existing WiFi Needed

Report Highlighting Areas in Need of Surgical Cleaning

Personal Identifiable Information Privacy

How it Works

The Contact Tracing Platform is a turn-key solution to allow for a more smooth transition to the new normal.

Our solution was originally used for site management and presence analytics, but can be deployed quickly at facilities with existing Wi-Fi networks to provide a COVID-19 exposure discovery platform. Using the existing solution, data can be collected and immediately used to identify if infected people enter the facility and expose other people to the virus. An opt-in approach provides the same protections as for personal identifiable information (PII).

Any facility or campus may deploy this capability to include military, federal, state, local government, tribal, private, or any other facility with a private Wi-Fi network, or where one can be deployed. The capability depends only on the ability to deploy a Wi-Fi network such that data is collected from the Wi-Fi access point and gateway devices that feed the Contact Tracing Platform.

Who We Have Helped

The Contact Tracing Platform has deployed to universities needing to get students back to campus, and it would be a highly effective solution for all private network facilities.

The Digital Contact Tracing platform has been selected by numerous universities and colleges to assist with rapid response measure to reduce COVID-19 exposure outbreaks on their campus, including Dominican University. Unlike consumer-centric “apps,” the ADS/Kiana Solution can be used beyond contact tracing, as it enables other use cases in the enterprise and college facilities, such as site and facilities management, as well as physical security. ADS introduces Kiana for regional deployments at Universities and Colleges and is expanding its solution to serve federal, state and local organizations.

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