A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

Bytronic USA

“We are excited to offer forward-thinking manufacturing processes that focus on green practices to help companies who want to make sure their products are manufactured safely with the environment in mind.”

Acquired Data Solutions (ADS) announces its partnership with Bytronic Automation to launch Bytronic USA. Together, the companies will provide green manufacturing solutions to manufacturers looking to reduce their environment footprint, embrace sustainability, reduce waste and protect the environment.  Bytronic Automation in the UK is already working with companies like Unilever, Amazon, Aston Martin, Anheuser Busch, and Ford to provide green manufacturing solutions.

Green Manufacturing Process


One of the manufacturing processes that Bytronic USA offers is the ability to reduce and/or eliminate package waste on beverage products by measuring the hot-melt glue applied to cartons that the products are in so that plastic coverings can be eliminated. 

By using HotSpot™ – a fully integrated quality control system that uses non-contact thermal imaging technology – hot-melt glue can be applied correctly without a manual inspection ensuring cartons are secure while controlling the amount of glue being used. A thermal camera detects the hot spots created by the glue in conjunction with a high-resolution vision camera which helps determine the position of the packaging.  Deviations from specifications such as missing glue, incorrect quantities and misplaced glue spots, are rejected and if necessary the line is stopped.  There is zero contact with the product and a guarantee that the glue is hidden from the naked eye.

Green Manufacturing Process


PackCheck™ analyzes every pack on your production line to ensure that it is complete, with no missing items and that the shrink wrap has been correctly applied. PackCheck™ can trigger an alarm, reject the faulty pack, or stop production immediately. PackCheck™’s internal logic can be coded to give a variety of responses based on your operational requirements. If one pack fails you probably just want to reject it, but if 6 in a row fail it looks like a materials issue and you want to stop the line immediately.

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