A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

Blade RiskManager


The Blade RiskManager (BRM), powered by KDM Analytics, is a fully automated risk analysis and risk measurement product provides organization with a top-down operational view of cyber-system risk. It effectively reduces overall life cycle development costs and improves confidence in decisions-making related to cybersecurity risk management and mitigation.It substantially reduces the time and cost of NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) assessment and shows precisely where to focus risk-assessment resources.

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Repeatability for Cost Effectiveness & Reporting

Understanding, assessing and managing risk for today's complex cyber systems can be costly and laborious. The BRM solves this by automatically, systematically, and comprehensively identifying multi-stage attacks and application vulnerabilities regardless of platforms, assets, systems or sub-systems.

Prioritization for Better Resource Management

The BRM operational perspective enables organizations to identify and focus security assessment and risk mitigation to the most critical and risky components of a system. An operational perspective also provides a better means of prioritizing the importance of risks and threats.

Automated Analysis of Improved Prioritization

To ensure that threats and vulnerabilities are quantified and prioritized, BRM minimizes human interpretations, which can be influenced by a lack of knowledge, personal bias, errors and omissions. BRMs automated analysis is evidence-based and mitigates errors and omissions resulting from erroneous interpretation.



  • Automated RMF Assessment
  • Support for Automated Import Formats
  • Automated Import Validation
  • Support for System Diagrams
  • Support for Safeguards
  • Automated Graphical Attack Tree
  • Automated Risk Computation
  • Automated Risk Distribution
  • Automated Identification of Vulnerabilities
  • Customizable Knowledge Base
  • Supports Manual Adjustments
  • Automated Report Generation

Automated Vulnerabilities Analysis for Cybersecurity Assessment

A global developer is revamping it software engineering process with the Blade TOIF product suite to automate threat risk assessment.