A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19


“With the ever-increasing complexity of electronic product design and the convergence of many different technologies within these products, the need for reliable, integrated testing at every phase of the engineering life cycle has never been more critical.”

For over 22 years, ADS has developed an enviable reputation as a proven test automation partner, providing automated test solutions based on the latest technological advancements. These cost effective test solutions along with real-time data analytics enable companies to manufacture high quality devices and systems with high reliability, reducing the effect of field failures and unexpected recall events.

What We Do

Design & Build Automated Test Systems

“On-line decision making is critical in high volume manufacturing in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries where product qualify is of vital importance.”

ADS has significant experience with high speed vision systems providing on-line testing on production lines. These systems offer go-no decision making, meaning that failures are removed from the line in real-time, providing higher first pass yield and reduced waste.

Who We Have Helped

Automated Test Solution for the Engineering Life Cycle

Acquired Data Solutions was hired by a satellite based communication technology company to design and develop an automated test hardware and software collectively became a successful interdepartmental tool within the client’s engineering life cycle.

“With social media so prevalent and intrusive in today’s world, there is no place to hide product failure. By helping companies quickly identify manufacturing problems and resolving them with minimal loss of production time and expense, ADS provides automated testing solutions that help them ensure continued strong brand reputation.”

Partner with Acquired Data Solutions!

Let us help you maximize your product throughput by minimizing test time and ensuring less field failures.