A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

A Message to our Customers During COVID-19

ADS & Edge of Yesterday Announce New Virtual Learning Curriculum to Attract Teens to STEM Careers

The new MASTERY program conducts learning through story, to be a leading engagement tool for pandemic pod learning  

Check out the WJLA – Washington (ABC7) News Feature on the new virtual learning program.


Washington, DC, September 15, 2020Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), a leading-edge technology and engineering solution provider has partnered with Robin Steves Payes, social marketing consultant, science writer, and founder of Edge of Yesterday series. The two entities announce the launch of Edge of Yesterday’s new MASTERY program, designed to engage young people in STEM careers. In an era of pandemic when traditional education has been upended, the MASTERY program takes a new approach to learning as a natural process. Other key aspects that make it unique include:

  • Roots in Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘Key to Universal Learning,’ and a name that stands for for Math, Arts, Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Reflection, and Storytelling Yarns.
  • A focus on the cultivation of a ‘growth mindset’ to encourage students to foster a sense of compassion and creativity.
  • An ability for educators and parents to reset typical ‘output-driven’ norms, i.e. data and test scores, and return to basics of the human condition as educational tenets- diversity, connection, and a celebration of unique talents and interests.

“Our team is thrilled to be a part of this exciting movement to revolutionize the learning process and engage more young people in STEM careers,” said Steven Seiden, President of Acquired Data Solutions. “Now more than ever, it is essential to revitalize our learning process with the hope that the next generation will emerge from this historic pandemic era stronger, more compassionate, and more grounded than before. The MASTERY program comes at an opportune time when many school plans are up in the air and unclear, to provide parents with a learning approach based in science and story-telling to add substance and sustainability to their children’s educational experiences.” This new approach to STEM education arose from Seiden’s more than 20-year commitment to supporting underserved and underemployed communities and his passion for engaging young people in careers in technology. For Payes, it comes from her long-standing writing career and commitment to inspiring young adults to pursue their dreams and transform learning through story. “We are proud to partner with ADS as we launch our new MASTERY program” said Robin Stevens Payes, Founder of Edge of Yesterday. “The goal of our approach is to prepare young people for a future workforce that has yet to be invented, which requires a strong grounding in the skill-sets we know will be needed in the years ahead: technology, economics, arts, and media savvy. Particularly in this time of pandemic, we believe it is critical to keep our younger generations engaged and curious, and taking a unique approach to do so. The world is changing and with it, so should our educational approach.”   For more information about the MASTERY program, please visit www.edgeofyesterday.com.

About Acquired Data Solutions (ADS) ADS has over 20 years’ experience providing technology solutions for the engineering life cycle to government agencies and the commercial sector. ADS’ President has also served as Board Chair for Byte Back and currently serves on the Board of Directors at On-Ramps to Careers. To learn more visit https://acquireddatasolutions.com/.

About Edge of Yesterday and its Founder Edge of Yesterday is a teen time travel novel series created by social marketing consultant and science writer, Robin Stevens Payes. Its interactive platform, as well as the new MASTERY program, are created to pioneer a new form of engaged “learning through story.” For more information visit https://edgeofyesterday.com/mastery.



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